With Love From China

Ok, maybe not all of China, but from one Mandarin teacher for certain! Candy taught Mandarin for 2 years at Bethel and we were housemates during her first year. Candy expressed that she wanted to share why she thinks it is important for me to return to Bethel and asked if she could write a letter. Please pray for Candy and Viola as they settle back into life in China. Pray they are able to find fellowship. Enjoy Candy’s letter!

To whom it may concern,


I am Candy and I am the Chinese teacher of Bethel International School. I lived with Chris for one year. We became very good friends in that year. She is a very good and patient friend. Here she taught me and my colleague Viola who is the other Chinese teacher in Bethel about Jesus. She encouraged us to attend Encounter God Retreat organized by Tacloban Bible Community. And during that retreat, I made my decision to accept Jesus Christ of my personal savior. I remembered when I bowed in front of the cross to confess I am a sinner and I am not perfect, and to ask Jesus to forgive me, she was there with me and gave me comfort.

She introduced me the book of purpose driven life and we watched the video materials of that book together. She also organized the life group of young teachers in our school and we learnt and discussed about bible together. I really enjoyed and gratitude that life group, because not only I learnt more about Jesus Christ, but also I enjoyed the fellowship with my Filipino friends. Yet since she left, that life group never happened again. I miss it so much. And I feel that if she can be here, she must be a very good leader who organizes life group for us and I can enjoy the fellowship and the knowledge of Jesus again.

Besides, I taught 6th grade last year, and I had a very difficult time with them, because most of that class students are ADHD kids who have a hard time to focus in class and some of them are from very special family background that makes them think and act very negatively. Chris was the homeroom teacher then, and she really helped me a lot to deal with those kids who had a difficulties in class. There is a kid who names Ken, and he is very negative sometimes. When Chris was here, they had an agreement that when he acted negatively, he needed to sing a song named My name is a Child of one true king. And last year I really can see Ken’s progress when Chris was here. However, this year when Ken has the same negative behavior like he keeps saying that I am stupid and I want to give up myself, I will wonder how helpful will it be if Chris can be here, because I am sure she knows how to deal with him. As a teacher, I feel that the school needs her definitely. Our teachers who are mostly in our 20s and like a green hand in education in a Christian School, so we really need someone who can teach us how to be a good teacher with fully heart of Jesus Christ. And also those ADHD students need her too, because we really lacked of someone who has knowledge of special education. And the mission we do this is we want to cultivate the future leaders in Tacloban which is a poor and undeveloped area in Philippines. And if all those special education kids can grow up with strongly believe of Jesus Christ, when they graduate and after ten years they can become a very good contribution to the development of this area. I am really gratitude and thankful for what Chris did last year.

And what’s more, as a missionary, she not only introduced me to know Jesus, and also she is just like a mother to me here. She took care of me and she always drove me around Tacloban and even in Leyte. She taught me how to swim, which later became the other way I can appreciate the beauty of God’s creation. She was also influenced me by her holy spirit which is given by God. Here she helped a kid named Lyka, and she always shared with me how to really help people. From my personal experience before, I was used to accept helping instead of giving a hand to others, but from her, I started to learn how to be a hospitable person.

If next school year she can be here in Bethel with all teachers and students, we will be very happy and blessing for that. I will continue praying for her and her missionary life in Philippines.

Thank you so much for reading it. God bless you!

Candy Chen

Chinese teacher in Bethel International School

April 24, 2019