Not an April Fool, More Like April Joy!

Today is April 1 so a day for pranks and jokes but also the first day of the month. Typical of the beginning of any month my inbox has several newsletters one of which was from Converge. The newsletter included the April prayer calendar, and as I do every month, I scroll through it and think about where to put it so I will do a better job remembering to pray for the people on the list. Then I spotted a familiar name, my name, on April 4th I am listed among the missionaries to be prayed for. I smiled because it is a timely reminder that while I have a lot more hoops to jump through as a Converge missionary, I also have a lot more support.

I have prayer support not just from the staff but from all of the Converge churches and people who support the work we do. I also have the team at Converge, many of whom raise their support, who use their gifts, talents, and experience to help people like me get where we are going. I also have the ability through Converge to plan for my future once I leave the missions field in 20 some odd years. I know it seemed easier they way I went before, but easier does not always translate to better. Today’s email was a great reminder that sometimes the long road is the better road. 

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