Merry Christmas!

What a difference a year makes! This time last year I was preparing to celebrate Christmas in the Philippines with Candy and Viola, Bethel’s Chinese teachers. They wanted to experience a real American Christmas, just like on TV. Well, it wasn’t just like on TV. It was better!

This year I am home, in Connecticut, celebrating with my family and friends but, something is missing. I realized today what that something is. Last year, I saw the magic of Christmas through the eyes of two young women who had recently decided to follow Jesus. They spent our holiday sharing their faith with their Chinese friend and on Christmas night, she decided to follow Jesus too. For them, everything was new and exciting. The story of Jesus’ life, the decorations, the presents, it was all so magical. 

This year I am home, I have my traditions and the people I love, and I am happy. I am doing a  reading at our Christmas Eve service and I sang in our concert; I am participating in all the things I missed last year. But I realized I am missing the magic of last Christmas. The magic that came from sharing their first Christmas. I plan to spend the rest of this Advent season focusing on the wonder of the first Christmas and on the baby in the manger. My wish for you this Christmas is that you are having a wonder-filled Christmas!   

Last Christmas Morning. Sharing my families tradition of pancakes with Jasmyne, Candy, and Viola.