Can you believe it is almost time for Mid-Quarter Grades? This means I am half way through the first semester already! I feel like I am still getting my feet under me and it is time for progress reports.

The Learning Lab is getting up and running and my 5 classes are also well underway. The juggling has begun! I feel a bit like I have two full time jobs but I am juggling it all. My goal is to be able to document correctly this year for The Lab and I have been busy setting up the necessary forms. It is kind of nice to be the one that decides what hoops I have to jump through instead of being obliged to fill out stacks of paperwork. I can put the needs of the kids above the paperwork.


Little Rainbow Joy has decided that she wants to work in The Lab with me. This week she was helping the students learn about the part of speech

I have started a Social Skills Club for the upper elementary and my goal is to do the same with the lower elementary. I am also in the process of doing reading assessments on the elementary school. I have identified a few students that need some support. I am also excited that I have started helping a student that has working memory damage learn how to retrain his brain.

These school related things are all good but the things that I am really excited about are the things I see God doing in me and through me. I am doing a Bible study with one of the 12th grade students and she is so eager to learn how to keep God at the center of her life even after she leaves Bethel. Over the summer, she learned how hard it is to stay connected to God when you are not connected to people who share your faith.

Some of the teachers and I have started a Purpose Driven Life group. I am the Grandma Moses of the group but that is intentional. The Chinese teachers are eager to learn about God as are some of the new young teachers. I intentional invited people in their age range. Tacloban Bible Community has started a PDL campaign and Paul Varberg is making videos to aide understanding and facilitate discussion. Our first meeting was a lot of fun. We learned a little more about each other and about why we need to know our purpose.


One of the first things I did when I arrived was to plan a teacher fellowship night. We played games and music. We laughed together and enjoyed each other’s company! I also have taken some time to show Candy and Viola around the area. Buko by the beach is a must as is a trip to see the MacArthur memorial.

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Because my supports have been generous with me I have been able to be generous with others. I helped someone cover part of a hospital bill after an accident. I was also able to help someone who lost his job over the summer. His daughters needed a few things for school and I purchased them. I learned today that he has found a new job and our prayers for him have been answered! I have also set up and lunch tab for a student that was not eating lunch due to lack of money. I also met up with a former student that left Bethel last year. She agreed to come visit me when Paul was visiting her father. I took her out for a meal and a long talk.



Bethel is growing! While I was in the States Paul purchased some additional land adjacent to the school. The new land will eventually be more classrooms so we can have more than one of each grade level.  It will also have a larger cafeteria. The parents are happy to hear that more parking is also in the plans.

My class took a few minutes to wish my dad a happy birthday!



Ding Ding class please take your seats school is now in session.

I have arrived, recovered from jet lag and set up my classroom all in the span of less than 3 weeks. I have also sort of unpacked my room so that it is livable. Everything is away and off the floor if not unpacked from its bag or box. I’ll take it at this point. 🙂 The important places are unpacked and ready, my classroom and The Lab.

I have also resumed attending my life group and was able to celebrate my birthday with them. I also celebrated with my co-workers. The custom here is for the celebrant to provide a treat for their friends. I asked my friend Adette to cater a simple lunch for the teachers and staff of Bethel on my actual birthday. It was actually very welcome because we all worked very late due to parent orientation that night.

I am getting to know my housemates. We are from very different cultures and we have had fun exploring together and learning about each other. They have shared an interest in learning about God and we have had several good conversations about Him. We are going to read Mere Christianity together once things calm down and settle into a routine. We did have fun watching War Room together too.

August is the month of language and so in these pictures you will see the students wearing traditional costumes. I am wearing a shirt made out of pineapple tree.

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