Welcome Home

After a few small delays and a lovely time hanging out in the Doha airport for 8 hours I arrived in Manila. Exhausted but happy to have the bulk of my trip over. I was picked up by my friend Andy and greeted with the warmth of friendship and lively conversation that I have come to expect from him. I can’t tell you how nice it is to be met like this after such a long journey. After a good night sleep I took my last flight and finally arrived in Tacloban. Margie met me at the airport with the words welcome home. Words that I have heard a few times since I arrived and words that are so true. While I am not looking forward to tasks like unpacking I find that it has been easy to slip back into  my life here. Like I have just returned from a short vacation.  The long layover in Doha was worth it because it meant I was able to be with my church one last Sunday.

luchie greeting.jpg
Luchie hosted a welcome dinner with new friends and old.
To my left are Candy and Viola my new housemates


For the benefit of friends and family that are unsure when in July I will be back in the Philippines, I am still in the states and safe. There was an earthquake that affected the school a few hours ago. I understand power is out and people are shaken. I have not heard of anyone who is hurt or damage to buildings. Praise God! Please lift those affected in prayer.