Graduation Day


I love these people last year they were stranger and then they became co-workers and now I can proudly call them friends. You have all blessed my life and I am so thankful for each person in this picture!


Long over due update with lots of news and information

School ended and I arrived state side in May, 3 days later my friend Kim had back surgery. I am staying with Kim and her family to help them get through this time of healing.  My two favorite short sticky have enjoyed having me with them full time and I certainly have enjoyed catching up on hugs!

Kim is doing better and able to be left alone, which means I am starting to catch up on my work and start preparing for next year. Which leads to answering the question what is my plan for next year. I do plan to return to Bethel International School for school year 2017-2018. The plan is for me to teach 4 classes, have a homeroom and to continue developing a program to meet the needs special needs of some of our students.

Last year was a crazy crazy year and parts of it were overwhelming but it was also so amazing in many ways. I loved seeing what God did through me. By the end of the year I could really see the fruit of my work and I also was sad to leave because I have budding friendships that I cannot wait to see what God does with them.

My budget for next year is $14,500.00 and my church has already held a big pocket and raised most of my support. Last count I was at $10,500.00. There are some changes to how to support me which will be outlined below. The reasons for the increased budget is to account for somethings that were not included in last years. Teaching supplies and portable internet for my classroom have been factored in. I have also added language lessons for me. My attempts to learn Waray were not as successful as I had hoped. I think having a teacher and someone dedicated to practice with will help! I look forward to being able to converse with my the families and my friends in their language. I also would like to have some discretionary funds to help people in need.

The big change is in how my support money will be handled. Last year First Love International handled my support and while they have been great there is another option now and it is one that makes sense for me.

Converge has created a short term missions track for teachers going to BIS. This track takes into account the unique needs of people willing to make a one or two year commitment to BIS and Converge has reduced their fees to make it a viable option for missionaries. There are two reasons why this is the best option for me. The first is my intention is to commit to a much longer service at Bethel and will go through Converges training to become a career missionary. The second is that my Church is affiliated with Converge, as my Pastor said, “it is better to keep it all in the family.” My church is more comfortable having my support handled through Converge. They are also more comfortable knowing my well being is in the hands of people they know and work with on a regular basis.


My project number: 210128 should be included on all payments made to Converge for my support. Payments can be sent to

2002 S. Arlington Heights Rd.
Arlington Heights IL 60005

First I would lie to thank everyone who is contributing to my support for this next school year. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that people are stepping up and praying for me and helping me answer this call. I will be setting up a web page through Converge and payment can be made through there but it will be a couple of days until that is set up.

I have done a fair bit of supplies shopping and I had the pure joy of spending some time with the owner of Linda’s Storytime in Monroe. She helped me create a wish list of book. I plan to ship a couple of boxes with supplies and books. If you would like to help fill the book wish list let me know!