Things that are not like home

You may have heard about the bombing in a Davao market a couple of weeks ago. While the bombing is no where near where I am, the effects can be felt throughout the Philippines.

I have often thought that I have a false sense of security here because of the level of security I see all around me. As an American I do not expect to walk through a metal detector and bag search just to enter the mall, but here that is normal. There is a list of banned items from the mall, this includes explosives, guns, and hand grenades. I am glad that they are careful to ensure no one brings these items into the mall and I am surprised at how quickly this became this became normal for me. I didn’t even flinch when Margie and I went down town and before we could pull into the parking garage we had to stop for security to run a mirror under the car.

Since the bombing and the recent bomb threats the security has increased even more. There are now check points along the road and I noticed today as we passed through the check point that there was a member of the military with an automatic weapon at the ready. Even in the mall I saw officers with obvious weapons. Do I feel safer? I am not sure if I do or not. The increased security made me think about the things going on in the larger world around me and not just in the very nice little circle I live in.

Here is what I do know. I really enjoyed this trip to the mall and my friend Mariles is an amazing at parking her car! After the football game, aka soccer game, Luchie, Mariles and I went to introduce me to a treat called Halo Halo. Mariles did an impressive job maneuvering her car into a spot in a very crowded area.

Halo Halo is shaved ice with evaporated milk served in a bowl with toppings. There was some bean, coconut, and well I am not entirely sure what I was eating but it was good with the exceptions of the beans.


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