Learning from the exam

This week is Quarter Final exams, which my American brain has translated into Mid-Terms. Exam time is an interesting time because of all that goes into making them and taking them. The students poor themselves into memorizing everything you have every said to them, while the teacher tries to recall everything they have taught and decide what are the key elements we want to access.

What I have realized this week is that it really isn’t about how much the students will show me they have learned but how much I will learn from the exam. The process of deciding what to put on the exam is the first step of the battle and took a great deal of time. You have to make sure that the assessment has something for all learning styles and is a fair assessment for every student.

The process of grading the test will show me where I have been successful as a teacher and where I have fallen short.  Did I provide what each student needed to be successful at taking my exam? Did I make the instructions clear enough? Do my special needs students have their needs met? Do I need to cover any of the material again?

Two out of three days of exams are done. My first exam was with my fifth grade language class and I have learned a great deal from their exam. First thing I notice is that I gave the right amount of questions for their exam. A couple of students finished a little early and a couple of students worked to the last possible second. Most of the students finish with a few minutes to spare.

The students with time to spare where told to read a book, write a story, or draw me a picture. I received some great pictures at the end of class.

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The most important lesson I learned from their exam time is that my students know that I care about them and that they care about me as well.I hope I learn as much from the rest of the exams.


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