Bethel is 15 years old

September 7th is an important day around here, it is the day they honor the Founding Father’s of this school and sing happy birthday to Bethel. This year is the 15th year the school has been in operation and let me tell you Filipino’s know how to celebrate!

First classes were canceled and jubilation abound as the day of fun activities were revealed to the students. The morning started with a prayer walk. We walked around the soccer field singing Thank you Lord then we all stopped at prayer stations and and prayed in small groups. Some groups prayed for the students, some for the community, some for the parents, some of the the teachers and staff.

After the prayer we went on to form the number 15 and posed for the picture. Paul Varberg used a ladder to climb a light pole and take the picture. Getting the lower school to form a straight number one was quite the under taking! Eventually all was right and the photo was taken. If you are wondering, I am at the first corner in the five, where the horizontal meets the vertical. I am the first vertical.

And then it was time for games! The upper school competed in volleyball and basketball while the lower school competed in fun games. I was the light in red light green light. The pictures of students walking with great difficulty were taken by the fifth grade homeroom teacher. Ms. Ambal kindly took pictures for me. It was hysterical to watch! They had to walk across the field picking up paper plates and walking with them held by various body parts. None of those parts intended for holding anything!

Recess time and then back to their homerooms for doughnut! Compliments of Mr. Doughnut. They have some interesting flavors here and all the students were excited to have the special treat.

At 2pm there was a assembly with some entertainment and some business. The new PTA Board was sworn in, and the new Student Counsel officers also took their oath of office. I am proud of those officers since several of them are in my 11th grade classes. The dance club treated us to a performance and the school choir gave their debut performance! The assembly ended with the giving of gifts to the founders and singing happy birthday to the school. Then the candles on the cake were blown out and all of the students received a cupcake on their way out the door.

The students headed home allowing the teachers to clean up and slap themselves with a pretty stick or the handsome stick as the case may be. The board, teachers, PTA and staff were treated to a wonderful catered dinner. The auditorium was transformed in a few short hours from the scene described above to wonderful dining hall. There are pictures of the chair covers and table decorations above. I intended to take pictures of the food but to be honest I was having so much fun with my table mates that I forgot!

It was an exhausting day but a wonderful day.





One thought on “Bethel is 15 years old

  1. I love the way you casually say, “The students headed home allowing the teachers to clean up and slap themselves with a pretty stick or the handsome stick as the case may be.” Like that’s normal. Lol.

    It’s a sign of you really acclimating. 😊


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