Roosters crowing church bells ringing and morning musings.

Now that I am feeling better I decided to start my morning walk again. I started walking my second week here but by the end of that week I was rather unwell! I missed a day and a half of school and it took another week for my energy to improve. On Friday afternoon I sent a text to our principal to see if she was game to start the morning walks again. Saturday morning I was out on the field by 5:40am. You have to walk early if you want to walk here because by 6:30 it is too hot!

This morning I took my walk alone. Ninja, the dog, having decided that she really only wanted to come along to go potty, returned home. The sun was up above the horizon and the roosters where letting us all know. I had my sunglasses having learned this vital lesson on a previous walk and I contemplated all that has happened in the past few months. It was a mere 3 months ago that I decided to answer the call I was clearly hearing from God to come here and so much has changed since then.

Today marks the one month anniversary of my arrival here on Leyte. A stranger in a strange land, excited to see and learn everything about my new home. One month later I am able to speak a few sentences in Waray Waray, I have learned how to drive downtown, and I have made friends. I sometimes wish I could fold the world in half and pop to the States for dinner and a hug but on the whole I feel at home and settle in for the foreseeable future.

I need to get ready for church now but I will post more later today of the adventures and activities since I have arrived. Including some lovely photos from our Heroes Day outing.


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