What I learned today

First thing I learned was that I am living in a very polite and gracious community. We went grocery shopping a couple days ago and I purchased what I needed to make Chili. I picked out a small pepper that I am familiar with at home, or so I thought, a pepper that is mildly spicy. I cleaned out the seeds and cut the pepper up and put it in the chili. The pepper was significantly hotter than I thought.

Everyone ate the chili and said it  was good but a bit hot. It was a bit more than a bit!

The second thing I learned is that is NOT the same pepper from back home!

We decided that the remaining chili will be frozen in small amounts and used as a base for future chili.

I am happy that I got to spend a little time with the Chinese teachers over dinner. Once I am over the adjustment phase we plan to make our dinners together more fun by including games in our evenings.

The more time I spend with Katharyn, the other American teacher, the more I like her. We make a good team and value each other. She has a great sense of humor and love animals as much as I do. This experience is being enhanced by her friendship.

I chickened out from driving for the first time today, it was raining on and off and the mall that I wanted to go to was crazy busy. I did eat out for the first time since I have arrived. We went to a bed and breakfast after church. Katharyn ordered this fish soup that was a-maz-ing! It was a bit sour. I ordered a spice chopped up pork which was good.

Tomorrow is my first day of class and I am very sleeping. I will tell more entertaining stories later.


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