The adventure beginnings with some difficult “see you later”s

On the morning of August 1 st I calmly finished packing. Rather proud of myself for finishing the huge task AND getting a couple of hours of sleep. Then I noticed that the side wall of my smaller suitcase had pulled away. There was a gaping hole in my suitcase! This would be the moment that the panic began. I had been chatting with my friend MaryAnn on FB and so I typed the words, “my suitcase ripped” and burst into tears. MaryAnn sensed the panic in the words and called me. “We can fix this. It will be ok” She was right my cousin Tom and his family came to the rescue, and after a day of everything going wrong I arrived at youth group with 15 left to the night.

My kids piled on for a large group hug. After some prayer it was time to say goodbye and I was informed that I could not say goodbye instead I must say “see you later” I have been so blessed by these kids and I am so proud of all they have learned in our time together. Difficult see you later number one was done and it was onto difficult see you later number two, my parents. Yup that was hard to do but I know they love me and are so proud of me.

Went to sleep, yeah right, went to bed there wasn’t much sleeping going! Janet and I woke up at 5ish to meet up with Jan because my J’s agreed to take me to the airport. I depart in a flood of tears, laughter and prayer. I am not sure how I walked away but I did, and every time I looked back there they were waving. It was like they were sending me off to storm a castle and wishing me a good time doing it. As I sat in my seat just before the no cell phone light came on I sent one last text, “Do you guys miss me yet?” and then I was off on my adventure.

BUT I was not alone, you see the hardest goodbye took place on my birthday, July 31st, and my two favorite short sticky people gave me a treasured friend. He name is Rainbow Joy to remind me of God’s promises. She has two hearts, so she is a Time Lady (if you don’t know what the means find a sci-fi geek to explain it 🙂 ). One heart was kissed and I was prayed for by Miss Potato and the other heart was kissed and I was prayed for by Mr. Lad before they were placed into Rainbow Joy. She is wearing a cool Roar sweater, a bit warm for this climate but so far she has not complained, and a sparkly pink tutu that I totally wish I could borrow!


She brought some Jr Mints to eat on the plane, she is a very thoughtful Leopard!

She kept a watch out for our plane at JFK and secured some sweet waiting seats for us in Qatar at Hamad International Airport.

I arrived in Manila and managed to make my way to Bethel International school with the kind assistance of Mr. Lee, he is a friend of the church here who moved to Manila and best I can tell he spends his time being very kind to weary travelers. I was one of four pick up or drop off to the airport in 24 hour window. He was so kind to me and ensured that I made it through the maze to my flight to Leyte.


Ever see on an old movie where they drive you out to the runway and climb moveable stairs and board a small plane? Well that was the flight to Leyte and I met some of the nicest people in the airports and on the planes. I had one year old twins on this flight. One in the seat next to me and one in the seat behind me. Good thing the flight was only about an hour. I did help entertain with a rousing game of peak a boo.

And then I arrived

to be continued



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