Carrying a 70lb suitcase upstairs with no handles is not easy.

What I did not mention in my first post was that my second suitcase managed to loose all of its handles on the way here. Thankfully Paul is a strong guy and my visions of carrying my stuff up all those stairs bit by bit did not come to fruition!

My first few hours here were spent in a haze of heat and humidity. I had lunch and made it to the school in time for chapel. I met many of my new co-workers and a handful of my students. I felt so welcome. I also met the other USA teacher, she is from California and I suspect that she will feature heavily in my narration in the future. She took the time to fill me in on the potholes that she had already stepped in so that I could avoid them.

Friday I rested in the morning the Jet lag has not been too bad but it was rough to get up yesterday and I started writing this at 4am today. Marjie took me to the mall and the grocery store. The grocery is in the mall and so was a pharmacy. I was able to get something to help get my sinuses back under control. I saw some familiar items in the stores and I saw so not so familiar items! I can’t wait to go back on my own and be able to explore.

The mall part reminded me a bit of the Big E. There was a level of chaos churning all around me, and some strange smells floating through the air. Some exotic and a rather lovely and some that will take some getting use to.

I spent most of the afternoon at the school. I sat in on a fifth grade class and got a chance to talk with them for a few minutes. They are bright active kids and I can’t wait to engage with them more. I also got to spend some time with the principal learning more about how she would like to use my gifts and talents.

Everyone I have met is so excited that I am here and has made me feel so welcome. I am looking forward to cooking some meals and having the other teachers over for some fellowship and devo time. I thought since I am from Trinity that the first dinner should be Chili. Do you think Bonnie will share her recipe?

What I have learned about the culture here is that it is easy to offend, things that we think of as common place or joking could easily be taken as an insult or offensive. My prayer request would be that God guards my mouth and that my dry wit not offend.

Last night Marjie and I stopped by the WWII memorial it is an impressive sight. My brother had filled me in on the war history of this island. It was kind of cool to see the General’s footprints and the larger than life statues.

I have not taken any pictures here yet but I will soon. Now that I have unpacked and set things up nicely I will take some photos of my room and maybe even take Rainbow Joy out for a walk to show you the sights.




8 thoughts on “Carrying a 70lb suitcase upstairs with no handles is not easy.

  1. Thanks for keeping us updated. It feels like I’m walking beside you on this journey. Can’t wait to see some pictures (did you know I love photos?) 🙂


  2. Love your blog, Chris, and being able to see what you’re experiencing!! I’m looking forward to following along. I’m curious, is it as hot & muggy there now as it has been here? (High 90s and 90+ percent humidity.) 😰


    1. It is hot and humid, the first few days I could not do all of the stairs to get to my room in one shot. I had to take breaks because I felt like I was breathing water. I am able to go up and down now before I need to stop and pant! Yesterday the heat index was 102. I find that I am struggling because I am missing my long days of summer. Sunrise today will be 5:42am and sunset will be 6:19pm


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